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About Kathryn Orford


Kathryn is in demand as a peak performance coach and transformational speaker.

Kathryn has spent her entire adult life empowering people to believe in themselves and their ability to make their dreams a reality. As a teen, Kathryn was told she would never make it as a dancer; she went on to prove her critics wrong. Another pivotal moment was in her early 30’s when the man of her dreams turned out to be her biggest nightmare. She suffered a nervous breakdown and felt suicidal. However, when she chose to live, she set off on a pursuit to learn to love herself from the inside out, instead of searching for validation from others. She has trained with the world’s leading authorities in self esteem, human behavior, and potential. Kathryn has spent the last 25 years inspiring thousands of people around the world to produce results they had only previously dreamt of and specialises in working with Athletes, Performers and Young People.