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Personal Coaching

As your dedicated confidence coach, I’m here to assist you and your team achieve greatness. I offer a variety of services specifically tailored to achieve results.


My in-house team workshops are designed for sporting teams, performing arts ensembles, sales teams and corporate management to motivate the group towards success. My public workshops also deliver the same results and are the perfect solution for small business owners and organisations that are unable to send their entire team.

Motivational Speaker

As a keynote motivational speaker, I inspire audiences into a winning mindset to produce exceptional results.

Youth Empowerment

To support our youth through their formative years, I offer youth empowerment sessions to primary and secondary high schools who share my desire to ensure our kids receive the best possible start in life.

Athletes and Performers

I also offer personal coaching to individuals already successful in a chosen discipline, such as sport, business or the arts that need that little extra push to jump to the next level. For more information on my specific services, click on the links above.

My team building workshops will:

  • Instil a mindset ready to achieve success
  • Identify limiting beliefs and provide solutions to overcome them
  • Replace negative thought with positive reinforcement
  • Identify strengths and devise ways to overcome weaknesses
  • Devise strategies to achieve goals
  • Use daily rituals to deliver success
  • Anchor a win to create a foundation for greater success
  • Learn how to bounce back from disappointment